Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspiration Part 2

For the last 25 years my family has been spending part of every summer in a cottage on the shores of Sabbathday Lake in Maine.  Over the years things have changed, as the owner has updated and added on to the property.  But the beauty of the lake and the joy of spending days under the protective arms of the guardian tree never change.  Until now.
Two weeks before we left home a mighty storm blew through Maine.  A lightening bolt hit our tree and this 135 year old masterpiece exploded in a rain of wood and needles.  Luckily, it fell into the lake and not onto our cottage.  For this we are thankful.  But, still, it is hard to get used to the exposure, and I miss it everyday.  This tree has inspired me for 25 years.  My creative challenge is to continue drawing inspiration from my surroundings and it’s changes.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inspiration Part 1

The day I have been thinking about all year is finally here....it’s time to go strawberry picking!  There are so many things that I love about being in a strawberry field.   The warmth of the sun on my back and a cool breeze in my face.  Turning over the leaves and finding a big, juicy red berry.  Hearing that satisfying “snap” as the berry is picked from the bush. Looking up at the clear, blue sky of a Maine summer’s morning.  Once I get started with the picking it is hard to stop, as I pile berries into my overflowing bowl.  I am already thinking about the strawberry shortcake we are going to eat for dessert.
These are the kind a memories that become inspiration.