Monday, March 7, 2011

I Don’t Want to be a BusinessWoman

One of the things I never learned in art class was how to market my work. For years I didn’t care about it because I was just creating things for my family and myself. But now, I have an online jewelry store and I am also trying to get my paintings seen. And, Hey, it would be nice if something sells. What this means is that I am now spending more time trying to learn marketing strategies than I am painting or creating new jewelry pieces. Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Tumble, whatever....I am trying them all. Anybody got any ideas?


  1. Here is a link with some info that might be helpful:

  2. SallyAnn, Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I love your use of color and the artistic expression you are conveying so well.

    I agree, it seems that in order to get heard and seen, one must spend more time marketing than creating. How do others do it all???

  3. I hear you! how i wish i could just paint or create jewelry, but sadly it seems we have to spend hours marketing.

    maybe the answer is selling our work in real life shops & leave that part of the biz to them?

  4. I definitely know the feeling! I seem some so successful and wonder how they did it??!! I'm doing many of the things your doing and whew it keeps me busy trying and trying...=/

    found you via the Etsy blog team and will be a new follower! =)