Friday, June 24, 2011


It is summer again and we are back in Maine.  Since we have limited access to the internet, my blogging, etc, may be slowed down.  But, all the extra time I am going to have will be filled with the projects I have planned.  I hope to come home in the fall with many new paintings and pieces of jewelry.

Our Maine home is a small cabin directly on a small lake.  The quiet and peace is so different from our home on the edges of Washington, DC that the change is startling at first.  But soon I settle into it and feel like a different person.  The lack of distractions energizes me and I find it easy to focus on painting or sewing or beading and I spend a great deal of time working on various projects.  We have been here less than two weeks and I have finished one large painting and three small ones.  The more I work, the more I want to do.  I had better sign off and get to work!



  1. I love Maine ! Have not been there in a long time. Enjoy your time. Your work is beautiful.

    Bear Stitces

  2. Oh how i wish i could be there too! we try to go twice a year to Maine & i love it for the same reasons you do. we unwind in the quiet & my creative juices flow! enjoy every minute!! :)

  3. The painting is beautiful :)

    Your newest follower,